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  • First State Global Listed Infrastructure

    First State Investments is a global manager of infrastructure assets, with over $8.2 billion of listed infrastructure assets under management.*

    First State Investments’ Global Listed Infrastructure team, has worked together since 2007**, combining specialized and diverse knowledge with a well-resourced team that follows a disciplined investment process which seeks to deliver long term capital growth and inflation protected income.

    The Global Listed Infrastructure Fund invests in publically traded shares of companies that own or operate infrastructure assets around the globe.

    The outcome of the team’s work is an active, high-conviction portfolio that offers investors a diversified exposure with daily liquidity at NAV to global listed infrastructure securities.

  • Why invest in global listed infrastructure?

    Global Listed Infrastructure may provide an opportunity for:

    • • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
    • • Inflation protected income - able to increase prices in line with inflation
    • • Low correlation with other asset classes
    • • Growth potential - privatization of government infrastructure assets present the potential for high growth

  • Investment Philosophy

    1. • We are conservative investors of our clients’ capital.
    2. • We invest in quality companies, looking for real infrastructure assets with barriers to entry and pricing power.
    3. • We believe investing in long-dated assets requires a long-term perspective
    4. • We believe Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues impact infrastructure stock performance and               should be fully integrated into an investment process.

  • Our team

    Peter Meany

    Head of Global Infrastructure Securities

    Peter established the Global Listed Infrastructure Securities strategy in 2007 and has built a high quality team of investment specialists

    • • Peter has more than 20 years' investment experience
    • • Prior to joining us in January 2007, Peter was a Director and Head of Infrastructure and Utilities Research at Credit     Suisse Equities (Australia)
    • • Peter was also an analyst at Macquarie Equities during the initial development of the private infrastructure market.       Peter holds a Bachelor Economics (Finance) from Macquarie University

    Andrew Greenup

    Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Securities

    Andrew’s main responsibilities include managing the listed infrastructure portfolios and research coverage of the Toll Roads and Railroads sectors. Andrew is co-founder of the Global Listed Infrastructure Securities strategy

    • • Andrew has more than 20 years' investment experience
    • • Prior to joining us in July 2005, Andrew worked at Allianz Global Investors as a senior analyst in Australian equities
    • • Andrew also worked at Credit Suisse First Boston as an equities analyst for eight years. Andrew holds a Bachelor       Business (First Class Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), a Graduate Diploma in                 Applied Finance & Investment from the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and a Postgraduate Diploma in         International Relations from Macquarie University

    *As at Jun 30, 2017

    **The inception date of the U.S. domiciled First State Global Listed Infrastructure Fund is 2/28/17